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Back Home, For Now

I got home a couple of hours ago, and finally had the opportunity to download my email (or risk having NYU bounce a few from an overloaded queue). I also took a look at the good wishes posted here and here on Notablog.

I want to thank my dear sister for having the patience to walk-through, with me, the directions for posting on the blog, and I'm moved by the outpouring of support.

I promise you that I will actually respond in greater detail on Notablog to the comments left here. Right now, however, I am much too weak to post anything more than a song and a smile. In truth, I'm not totally "out of the woods" just yet, but I am doing better than I was two days ago.

Just a warning to those who have contacted me via email: the response will come, but I'll need a little time. Bear with me.

Comments welcome, as always.


Wonderful news, Chris.

Keep on fighting. We are rooting for you.

Love from Kat and me.


I hope you are on the road to full health again. It seemed that your state had been in quite a rollercoaster-run. Hopefully, you are up and running again in no time (or at least, blogging, because this is a good sign you are on the better side of life ;)).

Best wishes from Germany,


Don't worry Chris, an old gypsy woman has told me, that a certain New York dialectician will fare well beginning October of this year. Unfortunately, she also said that in June of 2009 you would be hospitalized after a freak accident at the public library; it appears that an entire shelf of books written by Hegel, Marx, and Kant will fall on you.

Hang in there, and get well soon.

Best wishes and regards,


Good to see you back, Chris, if not yet firing on all eight cylinders. Look after yourself.
(Good pick too for Song #430 by the way. Doo-di-doh! :-) )


I'm delighted that you're back home :-) Best wishes for a speedy recovery my friend!


I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

Hey Chris,
Sorry you had to head back to the hospital with complications and goods news they let you go again. I can hear them mumbling at ARI, "Shit, he's back AGAIN."


HURRAH! Oh dear Chris, I'm SO glad you are doing so much better. ((giant hugs and kisses))

I'm happy you're doing better. You are one of our brightest lights.


You have a lot of lessons still to teach us.

Take care,


Hello dearest Chris,

Glad you are home. Donít be compulsive about replying; just REST.




I don't know what the equivalent phrase is for an atheist, but you're in my prayers. Get well soon buddy. I miss your blogging.


Get well soon, Chris! I love all your work and want to see alot more!!!

Jon Wolfenbarger

Dear Chris,

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You're such a brave guy.


I'm glad to hear you made it through and are recovering. The way you keep your chin up through all this is inspiring. I'll drop you a line before long about my very probable Ph.D. dissertation; it's positively dialectical.

My best wishes to your quick return to good health.

I post infrequently. I thought it was quite gracious for a scholar like yourself to respond to my posts. In case you don't remember me, our last discussion involved whether Ayn could properly be called a "libertarian". You directed me to chapter 10 of ARRR-----which I have now read. I'll save my comments for a healthier future date.


I take it that you are feeling a bit better if you are posting songs of the day, again. Maybe when you feeling up to it, you may post something on Marxism and Objectivism or some such thing over on Thaxis.

Hoping that you have a speedy recovery.

Jim F.