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Back in Hospital

This is Elizabeth Sciabarra, Chris's sister. As I said yesterday, my brother's email directory is inaccessible to me at the current time, making it impossible for me to send out emails to those who have expressed their concern about his health.

He has asked me to post this to his blog to inform his readers that he's been taken back to the hospital with complications from his surgical procedure.

We'll update you when we can.

Thanks for your concern and support.

Comments welcome.


All my love and my thoughts are with you, my friend.

Get well soon, Doc!

Please tell Chris we (Tim and Moira) love and miss him and hope he recovers quickly.

Chris dear, I'm so sorry the procedure didn't go as smoothly as you had hoped. Please know that my love and all good thoughts are wih you. Take good care, and come home soon.

Elizabeth, thank you for keeping us posted.

Hey, buddy, I hope your complications are short-lived and that you quickly get back to doing what you do best, being a great pal and scholar!

Sheesh, Chris: what an excuse to extend your gold-bricking.

We're all pulling for you, really.


Thanks for the update Elizabeth. Tell Chris he is in my thoughts.


Hang in there, buddy!

Dearest Chris,
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Get well soon.

P.S. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Hi Elizabeth -
Please tell Chris I'm thinking of him and wish him a speedy recovery. Also remind him that just because the Yankees aren't in the WS this year not to get this sick over it...there's always next year!

Both Donna and I wish you the speediest recovery!!!

Chris, get well soon and get back home to Blondie.

Chris, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. We're all rooting for you. Thank you, Elizabeth, for keeping us posted. Love to all of you and Blondie!


We're all pulling for you. If I were a believer in God, I'd be praying for you. Elizabeth, let me join the chorus and thank you for keeping us posted.

With all love and admiration,


My deepest wishes for the speediest possible recovery.

(But don't think this is going to make me hurry up with that JARS article! I'm hip to your scare tactics.)


Hope you get well soon. All the best.


Good luck, Chris. Thanks Elizabeth...good luck to you, too...

I hope you start feeling better, Chris, and soon.