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Waitil Next Year!

Yeah, yeah, I'm disappointed in the Yankees' loss last night to the Angels. The "Waitil Next Year!" refrain is starting to make me sound like an old Brooklyn Dodgers' fan.

I could go on and on about why I think the Yankees are coming up short. It's just that I've said it all before, back in the 1980s. And it does feel like the 1980s all over again.

Boss George Steinbrenner should start thinking about what it was that got the Yankees back to their winning ways in the late '90s. He spent a lot of time getting away from his "gotta-win-now" philosophy in the '80s when he turned toward his farm system and nourished the talents of a Derek Jeter, a Jorge Posada, an Andy Pettitte, a Bernie Williams, a Mo Rivera. That core team, peppered with fine acquisitions through trades and free agency, gave New York a great run after a long drought.

Since 2000, Steinbrenner has gone back to the '80s; he has spent too much time spending too much money on A-list All-Stars, some of whom have yet to prove that they can really make it in the postseason. I still get the feeling that it's not a team, not the kind of team that brought New York four World Series Championships in five years from 1996 to 2000.

In any event, baseball fan that I am, I will be watching the playoffs and the World Series. I'm hoping that the Rings go to yet another team named after an important piece of footwear. Like the 2004 World Series Champion Red Sox who hadn't won a title since 1918, the Chicago White Sox are long overdue for one (since they've not won a Championship since 1917).

If these Sox make it to the finish line, can the Chicago Cubs be far behind?

In any event, if the White Sox make it, at least I'll have a few former Yankee pitchers (Contreras and El Duque) to cheer in the Series. And if the Astros beat the Cardinals in the National League to face the White Sox in the Series, it'll be like a New York Yankees' pitchers' reunion, with Clemens and Pettitte on the mound for Houston.

The Yankees could have used some of those former pinstripers this year.

Comments welcome.


Chris, you're exactly right: Stein had a major attitude adjustment in 95 or so, the result of which was 4 world series championships in 5 years. But starting around 00 or 01, he started going back to 80s-version Stein, with predictable results. BUT: that doesn't explain the Heimlich-worthy choking was saw last night. They could have won it or tied it in the 8th _and_ the 9th, but in neither case could they close the deal. The AL home run leader couldn't even get a base hit. Plus, Bubba as the new Buckner. Give me a [expletive deleted] break.

Aeon, you are so right.

Have you seen Mike Lupica's NY DAILY NEWS autopsy of the Yankee season? I don't agree with everything, but I do agree with quite a bit. Read it here.

Thanks for the Lupica link. He's dead right about everything in that article. Esp. the point about the decline of the Yankees' farm. They grew Jeter, Rivera, and IIRC Mattingly on the farm - what on earth could explain abandoning that concept?
BTW, hope the surgery goes well this week.

I think the only point I slightly diverge with Lupica (who has never been the most Yankee-friendly of columnists---not that there's anything wrong with that ... :) ) is on Matsui; I know he had a lousy series... but I think he has come through in most circumstances, and has proven to be a clutch hitter.

I think A-Rod has yet to prove to me that he's an October baseball player.

But you're right, Lupica is right, and none of it will matter. The Boss will start throwing his money around, and pick up some new great Messiahs to deliver the Yanks a new Championship, and nothing will change. Worse: With Mel Stottlemyre already gone, look for many more heads to roll.

It gets so tiring.