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Maxwell Smart, Over and Out

Don Adams, star of the TV show, "Get Smart," passed away on Sunday, September 25th.

I remarked to my pal Aeon Skoble that I am starting to feel a little old: All the TV stars of my youth are dropping like flies!

Adams, as Agent 86, and Barbara Feldon, as Agent 99, were quite a couple on that classic TV show. When I was young, I just thought it was so cool that a guy could have a shoe phone! I guess you could call it the Cell Phone Precursor.

Maxwell Smart, Over and Out. RIP

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The NYT obit was quite a revelation, for me at least: I had no idea he was a decorated combat vetern of WWII, for example.
Yes, that was a hilarious show (and I always had a thing for Barbara Feldon's Agent 99).

Amazing how much we find out about people after they're gone.