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Tribute to Zacherle

My pal and colleague David Hinckley published a piece in today's New York Daily News that took me down memory lane. "Blood on the Charts: Zacherle's Greatest Hits" tells the story of John Zacherle, who graced New York television for a number of years with his twice-a-week "Shock Theater." It was actually today, in 1958, that Zacherle made his debut on Channel 7, WABC-TV. He later switched to WOR-TV (Channel 9 in NYC). I grew up in the 1960s watching his fun-filled horror spoof.

For those who watched Zacherle (also spelled "Zacherley"), Hinckley's piece should bring back a lot of memories.

Comments welcome.


I'm a little late with this comment, but I'm glad you mentioned that DAILY NEWS article on Zacherle. He was great. One of my fondest memories of him comes from a rare tv appearance he made in the early Eighties--on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. They had just finished a sketch when they cut to a shot of a coffin. The coffin opened, and to my great surprise--and the obvious surprise and delight of the audience--out came Zacherle. I forget what he said; I think he was just announcing what guests were going to be on an up-coming Halloween show. What I remember most clearly are the cheers and applause from the audience when Zach appeared. Too bad they didn't have him host the Halloween show, or at least appear in a sketch.

Bilwick, I remember that show! As I remember Zach. Thanks for recalling it for us.