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The O.C. and Reunion

Last week, I taped episode 1 of the third season of "The O.C." and the very first episode of "Reunion," both Fox-TV shows.

Now... no comments from the Peanut Gallery about how worthless these shows are. Some of us actually like a little mindless entertainment on occasion. And my life certainly won't be over if I don't get to see these episodes.

But, tonight, when I went to use the same video tape on which the shows were recorded, I discovered that the tape had been eaten by the VCR. Tomorrow night, Fox airs the second episodes of both of these series; it would be nice to actually see the first episodes before venturing into the second episodes.

So, I'm wondering... do any of my readers have video copies of last week's episodes of "The O.C." and "Reunion"?

Comments welcome, but please contact me offlist and I'll arrange to compensate for video and shipping charges; I'm at chris DOT sciabarra AT nyu DOT edu

Thanks a million...


VCR? Tape? Oh, I remember those.


So good to see a familiar name. LOL

As it happens, I also have a DVD player. But I've not gone the route of TiVO just yet.

Also: A local video shop has told me that they can rethread and resplice my mangled tape in a new casing, as long as I supply a new video tape.

No charge. I like that!!! :)

Good to see you, Jamie!

VHS? TiVo? Pah! Check out this little beauty.


That looks like good technology too, MH. DirecTV allows the use of something like this.

Well, I still have a vast audio, video, and DVD library. Adding yet one more technological innovation should increase the number of things I can archive---and never have time to watch! ;)

Oh: Progress report... the gent at the local video shop did, in fact, rethread my eaten-up tape by putting the reels into a new chasis. Good to know for future reference; I'd attempted this (have had success in the past), but the old chasis was beyond salvation.