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My Interview at Sunni's Salon

The tenth anniversary celebrations continue this afternoon with the publication of my interview at Sunni's Salon. I have known Sunni Maravillosa for a long time, and she's a total sweetheart. Her interview of me is comprehensive, wide-ranging, sometimes intimate, and always entertaining.

The 8-page interview starts here.

Comments welcome.


It was a super interview - on both your parts. Thanks. And as an aside, can't you get seltzer at most grocery stores these days? It's what my partner uses to make her version of an egg cream. Or to mix with fruit juice.

Hey, Happy, thanks for your compliments.

Yes, I do, in fact, buy seltzer at many grocery stores and supermarkets in the metro area.

But nothing compares to the seltzer that comes out of a seltzer bottle. There is still a gent in Brooklyn who delivers cases of seltzer to customers in the borough; the bottles themselves are old. They almost constitute artifacts of urban archaeology. But they work! And the seltzer is grand.

You can still get classic Brooklyn Egg Creams at some choice fountains and restaurants in Brooklyn, places like Lundy's in Sheepshead Bay, known for its fine seafood, and, of course, Junior's Restaurant in downtown Brooklyn, known for serving the best New York Cheesecake in the World.

Wow, what a marvelous interview! Such a sun-lit, enthusiastic, friendly tone -- and not just a vacuous, no-brainer love-fest, either. Lots to chew on -- and look forward to. Thanks, Chris, and thanks, Sunni!

Roger Bissell

Hey, Roger, thanks very much for your very kind words on the interview. It seems to have made the rounds... has been mentioned on quite a few forums already.

Yes, thank you, Roger. Chris and I left plenty of things to do another interview ... maybe for another tenth anniversary? What say you, Chris, my dear?

This sounds like a plan, Sunni. :) Hopefully we'll actually meet before the next decade is up. :)