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An Interview, Conducted by Sebastien Care

This is a Notablog Exclusive.

In keeping with my tenth anniversary activities, I am interviewed today by Sebastien Care French researcher and Ph.D. in Politics, on the subject of libertarianism. Here's the link:

An Interview, Conducted by Sebastien Care

Comments welcome.


Hey Chris,

Fascinating stuff, thanks for posting it!

May I ask a question? In the interview, you said "At the head of SLS were such libertarians as Milton Mueller (who convinced me early on to avoid conservative groups like, say, Young Americans for Freedom)".

Just in general, what arguments did Mueller or others make against working with the YAF?


As I recall, it was the argument that the best "conservatives" get it partially right (on economic freedom), but that they don't understand the necessity for protecting social and civil liberty.

Since I was never thrilled with the conservative attitudes toward civil liberty and freedom of association, it didn't take much convincing. :)

Aah right. Thanks. I heard YAF had quite a stong libertarian "contingent" at one point but that many of them fell out with the traditionalists over the Vietnam draft. Of course that would've been back a few years before the time you're talking about.


There is a story told, I think by Jerome Tuccille, about the YAF convention, in which libertarians were shouted down as "Lazy Fairies" (a play, obviously, on "laissez-faire").

They were probably onto something. :)