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Song of the Day #328

Song of the Day: Let's Get it Started is credited to six writers, including Jamie Gomez and Allan Pineda of the hip hop hybrid group known as Black Eyed Peas. It has become a rhythmic anthem of sorts in many sports venues ... perfect for tonight's baseball All-Star GameYankee fan that I am... I'll be rooting for the American League. In All-Star Game history, only one Yankee has gotten an MVP trophy in this exhibition game (Derek Jeter). But the National League still leads in the record books for most wins since the inception of this mid-summer classic in 1933: NL: 40 wins; AL: 33 wins; 2 ties. Nowadays, the league that wins takes home field advantage in the World Series. From the album "Elephunk," listen to an audio clip of this song, or its original un-PC incarnation as "Let's Get Retarded" ... here.