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Aquaman's Entourage

I don't watch the HBO series "Entourage," but I took an interest in David Bianculli's comments this morning in his 3-star review of the second season's premiere episode. Bianculli writes:

As the second season begins, Ari is trying to persuade Vince to accept the studio's offer to star in a new comic-book action franchise blockbuster, based on the DC Comics character Aquaman. Vince is wary of being typecast—but Ari, pleading his case while sitting courtside with the boys at a Lakers game, points across the arena and says, "There's the Joker! There's Batman! There's Spider-Man! They're all typecast—as rich guys!" We don't see Jack Nicholson, Tobey Maguire or whichever Batman Ari is pointing out—but the scene does play out on the Lakers' floor seats. ... For the gorgeous (and often naked) women and freebies to keep coming, Vince and his friends shortly will have to make certain sacrifices—including, perhaps, starring as Aquaman. It sounds like fun, and the second season of "Entourage" certainly starts out that way.

Now, I hope I'm misreading this... but is Bianculli actually suggesting that "starring as Aquaman" is a "sacrifice," in the "conventional" sense of doing something of a lesser value in order to achieve something of a higher value?

Well, of all the nerve!

I suppose this means that I must finally bust open the closet doors and admit it to the hearing of the world. Growing up... my favorite superhero ... was ...


And I mean the original Aquaman! (Okay... the Alex Ross depiction is cool too...)

Go ahead. LAUGH. Laugh all you want! But he was. It probably had something to do with the blond hair (I love blonds) or maybe because I was born an Aquarian. Whatever the reason... I picked a superhero to like that almost everybody else disses. And clearly the dissing continues till this day.

It's time to stop feeling like a fish out of water, fellow fans! Aquaman Admirers of the World, Unite!

Comments welcome. But be afraid. Be very afraid.


Chris, Aquaman has always been the weakest link of the JLA. I mean, he talks to fish? That's it? He couldn't stand toe to toe with Marvel's equivalant, Namor the Submariner, who at least had winged feet and could fly and knock around the Fantastic Four (while hitting on Sue Storm!).
And they didn't do Aquaman any favors with the long hair and beard and fish hook hand!

But at least Alex Ross makes him look good! And they have done better with him lately, making him more the king of the sea that he was meant to be. Ross plays up the "King Arthur" connection (his name being Arthur Curry) in KINGDOM COME. When asked to rejoing the Justice League, he says "though the offer is tempting, I was never comfortable being your "Aquaman." Gee, and after all the times they rescued him...ingrate.

Okay, okay. But he still looked good. :)

Anyway, in case readers don't know it: KINGDOM COME is one really good graphic novel. Check it out!