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Rand in The Encyclopedia of New York State

My reference entry on "Rand, Ayn" has been published in The Encyclopedia of New York State, just out from Syracuse University Press. I have posted a background summary and an image of the cover and the article here.

I have several other encyclopedia articles on the way on Rand, Marx, and libertarianism; keep abreast of all things "Forthcoming."

Comments welcome. Noted also at SOLO HQ.

Update: See discussion at SOLO HQ here, where I state here, here, and here, among other things, my displeasure over the lack of capitalization of "Objectivism":

... when I submitted the piece to Syracuse University Press, I did, in fact, capitalize "O" in Objectivist. It is capitalized in all of my published work, and it is a matter of stylistic policy in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies to capitalize the "O"--so that we don't confuse it with the more generic "classical objectivism" in philosophical discourse, which Rand actually renamed "intrinsicism." Alas, I never saw proofs on this article---so that stylistic change was made without my knowledge, or approval. Small price to pay, I think.


Nice entry, Chris. Question - why is she buried in Westchester?

Oh, and BTW, why are comments disabled for your entry praising George Benson's recording of "On Broadway"? I agree with you, of course, that that's a fantastic recording, but I was curious why you neglect his recording of "The Greatest Love of All." Vastly preferable IMO to the Whitney version, although hers is good too, this song seems to me to fit right in with your "sense of life" -- it's all about individuality, integrity, and the relation between self-love and the ability to love others.

Aeon, I have no idea why Rand was buried in Valhalla (symbolism, aside). Her husband was buried there, as was she. (There's that gravestone picture on the cover of the Robbins book: "Without a Prayer": http://www.noblesoul.com/orc/books/other/prayer.html .)

As for the "Song of the Day" listing: I've posted a few times on this. I don't open the comments section of any of those entries because they're not open to debate. hehe Who needs to justify this or that song against charges that I'm a whim-worshiper? :)

That said, you raise a good point: "Greatest Love of All" has a very nice lyric; I'm not entirely crazy about the ~length~ of the song, but, like you, I do like Benson's version of the song more than Whitney's. It just seems to go on a bit long for my tastes. But on the lyric alone, it might yet make my list. I don't expect to retire this "Song of the Day" feature for the foreseeable future. So it's possible, some day... but there are hundreds and hundreds to go...

BTW, I did choose Benson's "On Broadway" because starting three days ago, I began a mini-tribute to The Great White Way, in honor of the Tony Awards this weekend (see here: http://www.nyu.edu/projects/sciabarra/notablog/archives/000543.html ).