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The Serenity of Total Freedom

I know absolutely nothing about "Serenity," an upcoming film... though I've seen a lot of chit-chat about it in the blogosphere. But today I got a chance to read Ari Armstrong's essay at Colorado Freedom Report, "Jewel Staite Brings Serenity to Colorado." Armstrong makes fun use of the tri-level dialectical model of analysis I explore in my book, Total Freedom: Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism. It's almost enough to make me go see the movie!

Comments welcome.


Serenity is the film sequel to the television series Firefly, which has definitely some libertarian themes. It is an excellent show that only lasted 13 or 14 episodes. You can get them on DVD. I highly recommend it.

Yes, don't just go see the movie. Watch the episodes first. It took about five people to convince me to see the show since it sounded really cheesy to me, but it turned out to be really well done and now I can't wait to see the movie.

Thanks, folks... I'll just have to add this to my "Eventually Hope to See" list. :)