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Another Winner Last Night

Derek Jeter led the New York Yankees to a win over the Detroit Tigers, 4-2, with one of those classic catches that will be shown on sports highlight shows for eons ... along with his many other spectacular plays.

Yanks and Bosox face off this weekend. Go Derek! Go Yanks!

Comments welcome... unless you're a Boston Red Sox fan. :)



As a life long Yankee fan, I echo your sentiments. If only the 'big unit' could find the fountain of youth; that would dispell the uneasy feeling in my gut that says we no longer have enough solid pitching to make it through a AL playoffs to the show (assumming we even have enough to make the playoffs). To be honest nearly the entire pitching staff is too old and has lost a step.

Whatever the outcome this season, Steinbrenner will have to bite the bullet soon and accept a couple of sub-par seasons in order to introduce a 'youth movement' into the yankee pitching staff. If he doesn't, we will end up re-living the 80's - the highest paid losing team in baseball.


I agree with you 1000%. I've been saying it for a long time now. Steinbrenner has forgotten the formula that delivered NY its championships from 1996 through 2000: A strong farm system with a core group of loyal players who have excellent chemistry, along with a group of sign-ons who have mixed well with that core group.

He is, in fact, doing ~exactly~ what he did in the 80s, which is typical of what happens to him anytime his team wins. In response to those fabulous teams of the late 70s, he kept signing "all-star" players in a quest to "stay on top," with no consideration for what he was giving up in the process. And so, as you put it, he ended up with a high-priced all-star group (not a "team") of losers.

The only good thing about the current team is that there is a core that knows how to win: Jeter, Williams, Posada, the return of Tino Martinez, etc. But for the long-term future of this club, Steinbrenner has to get back to building up that farm system, instead of using it as a place to raise young "colts" who are dealt to other teams before they've had a chance to show their pinstripes.

Jets or Giants?

For me it's the Giants. Jets fans (along with Mets fans) should be euthanized.


Well, I grew up not paying much attention to football (for shame!) because I was always so busy with school, and could not devote an entire Sunday to watching the games.

I have to confess I'm a bit of a "New York" fan... but these damn teams don't play in New York, so that leaves me with a problem, until the municipal statists build their West Side Stadium, that is.

I used to root a lot for the Giants... then a bit for the Jets. But in truth, I actually like both quarterbacks (Young Manning and Young Pennington) for the promise they seem to hold ... hope they deliver.

As for the Mets... to their own grief, I have family members (brother and sister-in-law) who are Mets fans... and I do confess that I like a few of their players, and it's a bit hard hating a team whose manager was a beloved New York Yankees second baseman. But when the Mets face off against the Yankees... all bets are off. hehe