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Song of the Day #270

Song of the Day: I Could Have Danced All Night, music by Frederick Loewe, lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, is from the classic 1956 Broadway musical, "My Fair Lady," based on the 1914 comedy, "Pygmalion," by George Bernard Shaw. The production starred Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews. Listen here to an audio clip from the original Broadway soundtrack, sung by Andrews. The 1964 film version also starred Rex Harrison, but surprisingly Andrews was replaced by Audrey Hepburn (even though Julie ended up with the Oscar that year anyway, for "Mary Poppins"). Listen here to an audio clip from the film soundtrack, as sung by Marni Nixon (whose vocals were lip-synched by Hepburn). So many other artists have recorded this show standard, but the one version that still makes me chuckle is that featuring Hank Azaria in the hilarious 1996 film, "The Birdcage." Listen to an audio clip of that version here. A very happy and healthy birthday to my friend Karen, who shares with me a love of this wonderful musical.