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American Idol Smackdown

With previous posts here and here on "American Idol," I'm obviously a fan. After a season of controversy on the show, D-Day is next Wednesday. Will it be Bo Bice or Carrie Underwood? My vote is for Bo, though I don't actually vote. Well, I mean, I try to vote, but I never quite get through because of endless busy signals. Either way, it would be nice to see the coronation of a rock-influenced Idol for a change; Bice's vocals remind me a bit of the classic sound of Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

There's only one finale I'm more interested in than "American Idol." That's "24." And, no, I'm not a shill for Fox.

Comments welcome.


Based on this week's performance (which just aired here in the UK), I agree Bo and Carrie are *both* very talented singers, but after a thorough dialectical consideration of the full context of this situation, I am going to have to go for Carrie.

Of course, the primary contextual factors at work here are that Carrie is one gorgeous babe, and that I am a heterosexual guy.




In truth, I think Carrie is very talented and very good-lookin' too. (And, in truth, Bo is definitely not my type... but he is very talented... hehe)

It is actually going to be very interesting. The voter demographics for this contest are probably going to intersect. Carrie is very good when she embraces her country-and-western essence. Her "music" constituency probably skews South and Southwest. But Bo is from Alabama; he has a Southern-blues-and-rock base, and his demographic most likely skews South as well.

So... that probably means that the rest of the country is going to decide on such important factors as, uh, who has better hair? :)

It would be nice if talent and performance are the biggest measures. On this, I tend to vote Bo, because I think he tends to have a higher level of performance professionalism. Either way, they're both going to get recording contracts, and as Clay Aiken makes clear: Even the #2 can have quite a career.