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Ducklings Hatch!

What an Easter story this is: That mallard duck who was sitting on her eggs in front of the Treasury Department, finally hatched her ducklings yesterday. The little ones are adorable. Check out story and photos here and here.

I'm a sucker for ducks. I feed them regularly at our local duck ponds here in Brooklyn. What!? Duck ponds!? In Brooklyn!?? Yes. At Poly Prep Country Day School ... and Prospect Park ... and many other duck hot spots.

Comments welcome.

Update: The ducklings have been led to the water at Rose Creek Park. See follow-up photo and story here.


How adorable! Ducks are almost like people. They always have something on their mind and they're not afraid to express what it is.

I agree, Mick: They are adorable.

And they taste great as well!!

Now, how did I know that a comment like this would be left on this thread? I'm not a Vegan, but there will be no talk of eating ducks on this thread: no Roast Duck, not even Duck Sauce, or Duck Soup. :)

No "Duck Soup"? But I love the Marx...BROTHERS! :-)

I won't eat duck, though...Love my ducks!

I'm glad ~somebody~ mentioned the Marx brothers here. Granted, I talk more about Karl than Groucho, but I prefer Groucho. :)