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Rand Centenary Essay Republished

In "Celebrating the Year of Ayn Rand," ISIL has republished my Freeman essay, "Ayn Rand: A Centennial Appreciation." The essay is also available as a PDF here.

Comments welcome.



I just had a glance through this and it looks fascinating. I'll be sure to read it properly later and comment in more detail :-)



In the meanwhile, you should know that this essay is a very small sample of a much larger piece I've done for Ed Younkins' forthcoming volume, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of ATLAS, entitled: ATLAS SHRUGGED: PHILOSOPHICAL AND LITERARY COMPANION. It should be a very nice anthology; Ed has a nice line-up planned.


As it stands this piece is both a splendid introduction to Rand's ideas and a fitting tribute to her achievements. I look forward to reading the longer version and the other contributions to Ed Younkins' anthology.


Thanks, Matthew! The anthology promises to be good reading!