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Yanks 1, Boston 0

Okay, we've got a long way to go. But it was still nice seeing pitcher Randy Johnson make his debut at The Stadium. It was still nice seeing shortstop, and Yankee captain, Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees beat the, cough, cough, ahem, World Champion Boston Red Sox, 9-2, in the first game of the 2005 Major League Baseball Season.

Let's Go Yanks!

In the meanwhile, today, the New York Mets have their first official game of the new season, led by their new manager, former Yankee Willie Randolph. They are a team to watch, especially their fresh third baseman, David Wright.

Spring is here. Daylight Savings Time has returned. Baseball is back. Life is good.

Comments welcome.


"Daylight Savings Time has returned"

Seems like you guys did this a week later than us. One of the British news channels carries a live feed of the CBS evening news from the US, figured there was something wierd last week because I kept missing them, then realised they were on earlier than usual.

Bloody typical yanks! ;-)

It's funny that you used the word "yanks" in this particular post. hehe

BTW, I understand that the US is moving toward standardizing itself with Europe; they are also thinking of adjusting the clock in October in a different way.


How about this idiocy of daylight savings time be put to rest forever? I'm sick of having to reset my damned clocks and watch twice a year! And for what? Who gives a rat's ass whether there is an "extra" hour of light in the evening or not? Get up an hour earlier if you want an "extra" hour of daylight.

Chris - Hmm interesting, I actually thought the Autumn change did happen the same week already (I remember when I was an exchange student over there a couple of years back, I'm pretty sure it was the same week).

Mr Fulwiler - I agree scrapping daylight saving (or British Summer Time/BST as we self-centred Brits call it ;-)) altogether would be a very good idea. I don't know if there's much debate about it over there but here the major argument for keeping this system seems to be that the extra hour of light in the evening reduces the risk of accidents for those travelling from work, opponents simply retort that the disprution to sleep patterns makes accidents more likely. All seems a bit bullshitty to me to be perfectly honet :-)



Yes, the "Fall back" change occurs at the same time, but the proposal is that it take place the 3rd weekend of October, rather than the last, and that the US "Spring forward" in sync with the EU at the end of March.

In any event, in terms of the actual day we change clocks... I much prefer to "Fall Back"... I can always use an extra hour to sleep... or work.