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Stormy Weather, Stormy Style

Apparently, the memo about the beginning of Spring never quite reached the hands of Mother Nature, who is throwing wet snow and sleet on Brooklyn, New York tonight.

To match the Stormy outside, Notablog retains its "Stormy" stylesheet for now. Our experiment with "Visual Preference?" had a few java script glitches and this has necessitated an end to the experiment. Jodi at NYU is working on fixing the bugs, and we'll try to get this thing back up and functioning before too long. So, in the meanwhile, those of you who prefer light backgrounds and dark print... bear with us!

Also, the Search function is out of commission, but it will be totally functional in another day or so.

Comments welcome.


"Stormy" stylesheet...hah! Why don't you just call it: "We know you love to read this blog, and WE'RE GOING TO MAKE YOU BLIND!" I mean, honesty in advertising and all...

Oh, my eyes! MY EYES! It's alright. I forgive you. I'm big-hearted that way. Very Christian of me, isn't it? Oh, wait...I'm not a Christian, am I? That's right! I'm an atheist. I'll reconsider this forgiveness business and get back to you tomorrow...