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Visual Preference?

There have been lots of changes taking place at Notablog, even though it appears that it has been "business as usual": A "Song of the Day" every day, some posts here and there.

Thanks to the wonderful work of my pal Jodi Goldberg of the NYU Web Team, Notablog has instituted a "visual preference" choice for readers: The standard "Notablog" dark background with light text ("Stormy" as it has come to be known) or dark text on light background ("Georgia Blue," with my own stylistic tweaks for blue links), for those who prefer it. Play with it, if you will! Switch back and forth for fun!

Jodi is going to be making a few changes to the search function, so that might be unavailable for a day or two. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jodi!

I have a major post coming up tomorrow on "The Costs of War," so stay tuned. Meanwhile...

Comments welcome.


A choice in visual preference! Why, what an absolutely marvelous idea! I think it is rather a good device, especially for those of us who are no longer wunderkinds with perfect eyesight like the rest of you. (Hmm...although you're no longer Jack Benny's age yourself, are you Dr. S.? Didn't you just have another birthday recently? Well, you're still young at heart -- as I am, natch -- so that's okay...:>))

But I do find the light background much easier to read against. However did you have such a superlatively clever idea? Well, you are a brilliant man, so it's not actually surprising...

Ta for now!

And I should have said: God bless you, Jodi! I was slowly going blind (well, more blind). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sorry for the weird "back-button" issues. It has to do with the script controlling the style sheet changes. I need to do some investigation...

In the meantime, don't use the back button! Use the links!


And on that note, are comments disabled after the day of posting? I seem to keep missing the things I want to comment on. 8^[


I couldn't post on my own blog because I ~somehow~ banned my own IP address from posting! LONG STORY. We were being treated to comments from gambling and various porn sites, and I think I got carried away with the IP banning.

Anyway, Rush, I know damn well what you want to comment on: MY "SONGS OF THE DAY"... you're out of luck, pal. NOBODY comments on my songs. They are not up for debate. LOL That's why I don't open any of those entries to comments.

But, seriously, I do selectively open up posts for comments. Check here for my comments policy:

There is definitely a "java script" issue with the switching between the style sheets... so bear with me and the NYU team as we try to iron out these wrinkles. If they are not ironed out by tomorrow, I'll post my "Costs of War" piece on Thursday. And I'll open comments on that post for sure!