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Idle American Idol

Okay, I admit it. "American Idol" is one of those shows that I watch regularly. I enjoy it. It comes from a grand talent show tradition that includes everything from "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts" to "Star Search" to "It's Showtime at the Apollo."

I've already got a few favorites among the Top 12 Contestants, who begin their all-out competition tomorrow night on FOX. And one of those favorites was Mario Vasquez, who dropped out last night for "personal reasons," and was on "Good Day New York" this morning to talk about it.

Oy. Lord help him, because now the media will be sniffing around big-time to identify those "personal reasons," looking for the next Frenchie Davis or Corey Clark or Donnie Williams controversy.

In any event, you can check out more Mario news on his fan site here.

Comments welcome.


Hey Chris,

I love American Idol too - yup we get it over here in the UK, currently in a 2 and a half hour slot each Friday evening which as I understand it takes in all of that week's coverage from the US. For obvious reasons, we don't get to vote :-)


We just had this week's show here, only 1 and a half hours this week (did you guys drop an hour over there?).

The Vasquez drop out was very intriguing. I think Carrie is going to go far

Hey, Matthew... I believe that they are now running a single 1-hour show of performances, followed by a 30 minute "decision" show... so you must be seeing a 90 minute combined show.

Do you have any "favorites" at this point?

Hey Chris,

That seems right - an hour of performances then the results.

I think Carrie will do well, otherwise I'm really not sure.