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Songs, Scores, and Suchow

I've had a bit on my plate currently, which is why little more than "My Favorite Songs" has been updated on "Not a Blog." My tribute to movie soundtracks as part of "Film Music February" is just about at an end. On the heels of last night's Oscar Awards, which rewarded the film score to "Finding Neverland," I enjoyed reading a piece by Stephen Williams in yesterday's Newsday: "Close Your Eyes and See: The Greatest Film Music is Among the Best Ever Composed." (Thanks to my friend Lou for pointing that piece out.) It's a real treat for film score buffs.

Meanwhile, earlier today, I got a nice note from bassist Rick Suchow, who wrote the music and lyrics to one of my all-time favorite R&B dance tracks (previously profiled here): "Are You For Real?" (I actually noticed a bit of a problem with the numbering of my "Songs of the Day" and just corrected it! So all is well now, thanks in part to Rick's timely message.)

Back in the day, when I was doing mobile DJ work, I played to packed dance floors my vinyl version of that ever-hummable "Are You For Real?," featuring the song stylings of vocalist Camille Filfiley with Deodato. I still love that track, and couldn't resist leaving a message on Rick's guestlist. Make sure to check out Rick's audio clips. They're terrific. Another one of them might be showing up on my favorite song list very soon.

Anyway, I'm a bit behind in my tasks... but the Song never ends in Sciabarra's house!

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