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"Notablog" Statement of Policy

[This statement was updated to reflect the subtle change in the title of this blog and other changes in comments policy.]

In answer to many reader inquiries, I'm posting this update on "Notablog" policy. It supercedes earlier messages on comments and email notification.

Though "Notablog" still functions as a larger index to my work, reader comments are now welcome. [Prior to June 2006, messages open to comments ended with a "Comments welcome" note; it's now superfluous!]

Readers are advised to stay "on message" in any particular discussion thread. Inappropriate or rude comments will be deleted, along with any "spam" messages, and those who post such comments will be prohibited from further posting at Notablog.

"Song of the Day" entries will remain closed to comments. [Effective June 1, 2006: "Song of the Day" listings will be open to comments on an experimental basis. See here.]

As a matter of security against spam, NYU actually recommends that I close the comments sections for older posts. As various threads disappear from the "Recent Comments" highlighted on the main sidebar, their comments sections will be closed.

Those of you who would like to receive "Email Notification" for new "Notablog" posts (other than "Song of the Day" entries, for which readers are rarely notified), please write to me at:

chris DOT sciabarra AT nyu DOT edu

Some readers have wondered why I continue to call this site "Not a Blog," even though it seems to become more blog-like with each passing week. Well, it's going to stay "Not a Blog"—though from now on it will appear with closed spaces between the words: "Notablog." That phrase can just as easily be viewed as an acronym for "None Of The Above Blog" (as suggested here) or "Nota Blog" (as suggested here), recalling the Latin phrase "Nota Bene," featuring entries on topics of which one might take particular notice.

Also, remember that this blog can be reached easily from the notablog.net address.

And my "Dialectics and Liberty" home site is accessible from the following easy-to-remember addresses:


And, yes, after joking about it at L&P here, I actually registered homorandian.com, which will bring readers directly to information on my "homonograph," as I like to call it.

Finally, don't forget that the latest "Notablog" posts are available in RDF format at http://www.nyu.edu/projects/sciabarra/notablog/index.rdf, using a program like SharpReader (http://www.sharpreader.net/).


Comments Welcome.



Thank you for clarifying the position regarding comments to your blog.

In light of the music from the final scenes of E.T. recently featuring on your "Song of the Day", you and/or other readers may be interested to know that last Sunday, British tv station Channel 4 declared the climax of the movie to be the number 1 tearjerker, after a 4 hour long show which counted down a succession of moving scenes from movies, tv shows and even music videos.



Hey, thanks Matthew. It certainly is a tear-jerker of a scene, and Williams orchestrates it perfectly.

OMG! It IS a blog!

Hi there! I owe you an email. Several hundred emails. Just wanted to say this looks v nice -- and I'm syndicated it to my Livejournal!


OMG! It IS a blog!

Hi there! I owe you an email. Several hundred emails. Just wanted to say this looks v nice -- and I'm syndicated it to my Livejournal!