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Song of the Day #169

Song of the Day: Titanic ("Death of Titanic") [audio clip at that link], music by James Horner, is from the 1997 blockbuster, directed by James Cameron. This selection is a superb accompaniment to the final moments of the ship as dramatized in the film. We experience the death of Titanic through music, in real time. An instrumental rendering of the love theme ("My Heart Will Go On") is heard throughout in a symphonic battle with the sounds of impending doom; Horner won't let us forget the romantic bond of the lead characters, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. By the time the ship is standing straight up, the nightmare of an inverted world is portrayed through the clever use of dissonance and atonality. A percussive hum, building momentum, takes us beneath the water. Horner uses strings to echo human voices in choral effect, crying out for life. A shattering musical moment to a shattering, epic scene. (Mentioned at SOLO HQ too.)