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A New Direction with an Old Look

Well. That was fast.

A market entrepreneur at heart, I responded to the concerns of a few readers who had some difficulty reading the old format of "Not a Blog." And I do appreciate that some of those concerns were voiced again in the comments to this post.

But I'm going to go with my gut instincts. Yin and Yang just traded places again, and I'm staying with the original. "Bland," "sterile," "impersonal," and a few other comments offlist from readers who much prefer the original (as I do) have convinced me to return to normal. The original style may have some problems, but its color scheme is a bit more "in sync" with the rest of the "Dialectics and Liberty" website.

Experiments come and go. But everything I said about a new direction remains. The packaging is less significant than the message.

On another subject: I say: Happy birthday, Roderick Long!


Yup, I think I like this original look better too.

But of course you realize, Chris, that the dark-background look reflects your latent anarchistic tendencies. If you're not careful, those tendencies might take over, and then you'll end up cast with me into outer ... um, darkness.

If you feel that starting to happen, you might want to take swift counteractive measures by switching to this image as your page background:


Thanks! (Looks like you were adding the birthday wishes just as I was adding the previous comment.)

Just remember I was an anarchist once. And if you scratch me really, really hard... I might still bleed Black. :)

Have a great day, my friend (but you need to tell me more about your music tastes... so next year I'll post something special for "Song of the Day"). :)

> And if you scratch me really, really hard...

Unfortunately, my anarchist principles forbid me to commit such aggression.

Musical tastes -- well, how about something by Leonard Cohen? I'll expect it in a year.


I only stop by here every few days, so managed to completely miss the colour change!! At any rate, I like your blog as it is :-)