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A New Look

I'm honestly not sure I like it... but a few people have remarked that the old "Stormy" stylesheet for "Not a Blog" has been a little hard on the eyes... white writing on dark background. I've been doing white-on-dark for the "Not a Blog" archives since they began.

But I'm open to change.

I've now done an inversion. How utterly dialectical! Everything that was dark is now light, and vice versa, and yin and yang, and so forth. It may change again... but this "Georgia Blue" stylesheet should be easier on the eyes.

Over time, I may be spending a bit more time on my own site. I'll be doing cross-posting, for sure. Indeed, I find myself among fellow travelers on a variety of sites, and I agree with some people on many significant issues. But it seems to me that there are no group sites that fully represent my dialectical-libertarian perspective. It's a perspective that has evolved over nearly two decades of work. So, a dose of cyber-individualism seems to be in order.

I don't know what this will mean in the long run, in terms of blogging activity, as I have quite a few projects on which I am currently working. But I do know this: There's no place like your own home. And this is my cyber-home, after all. It has emerged from a website that has been around for over ten years.

I am still resistant to opening up this home to "Comments." That may change if I find myself blogging here more regularly. For now, given my posting at other sites that are open to comments, I'm not wanting to field comments on simultaneous sites. There are only so many hours in a day. But if conditions change, and "Not a Blog" becomes ever-more blog-like... my attitude toward comments on this site might very well change. Indeed, since this post is not cross-posted anywhere, I'll open it to comments. Your feedback is welcome.

The New Look may, in fact, be a sign of a New Direction.


Best wishes on your secessionist effort!

But I do have a gripe: in the new format the highlighted links are very pale and hard to read against the white background -- at least on my browser.


I liked the old look very much, Chris ... but this new one is okay, too. A bit more subdued, perhaps. That isn't how I think of you, dearie, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I think it's too soon for me to be more helpful in providing color scheme feedback!

I grok your busyness and such, being in a very similar situation myself. I occasionally read your stuff on other blogs, esp. L&P ... maybe I should comment there, but the feel over there is a bit, er, intimidating (and you know I'm not easily intimidated). I enjoy seeing the more personal bits of you shine through here, and I'm glad for 'em, whether or not I'm able to share a comment in response.

Warm squeezes from your snakey friend!

Thanks for the feedback! You've both de-virginized the Comments section of "Not a Blog."

So... Roderick... I've changed the links color to respond to your concerns. And Sunni... :) I suspect my dark background was more expressive of my "diabolical dialectical" project. But I hope that still shines through.

Anyway, is the links color change better?

My aging eyes (well, they are over...er, 21) thank you! Much, much easier to read. I actually don't think I had ever said anything about it to you...which is odd, since I've been known to complain about a lot...hehehe...

And it's a lovely home. I only have two thoughts. You should have a housewarming party, and then a lot more get-togethers! (And with adult beverages, please...how else are we to survive Boy George's second term...hmm, that is susceptible to levels of meaning, isn't it?) And the second thought is really that of one of my cats, Cyrano, who still has this incredible crush on a certain dog: MORE BLONDIE PICTURES!!

Thank you. That is all. Please carry on with your outstanding and inspirational work. :>)))

Links color much easier 2 see, thank U.

(Prince helped me write this.)

Yes, I also prefer legibility when I'm reading. But white on black was better than the blue on darker-blue, red on darker-red that some webmasters inexplicably indulge in.

I like it better, as well. My eyes aren't what they used to be, either.

I also like the idea of a one-stop blog, from which to access and comment on your other manifestations in the blogosphere. Much less confusing that way!

The pure white background isn't really colorful or expressive enough; maybe some light pastel and/or 'watermark' would be nice. The current version is easier and quicker to read, but seems to need a bit more personality.

Well, folks, thanks for your feedback; my email is running 2 to 1 against the new format. All of those who liked the old format have suggested that it was very "Sciabarra"...

I'm going to give it some thought... and if it goes back to the old or morphs into something else, just know that the content will remain very "Sciabarra." For better or worse. :)

This is easier to read, certainly. But I thought the old color scheme was plenty easy enough to read too. I don't know that I prefer the new one though. I tend to find white backgrounds glaring. I much preferred the more subdued background. Was the old font color white? Because it seemed grey to me.

Chris commented: "I suspect my dark background was more expressive of my 'diabolical dialectical' project. But I hope that still shines through."

My dear, you couldn't help but shine through! In fact, you shone through to a mention (not by name, though) in a blog entry of mine yesterday, you fellow drug-user, you. ;-)

While I'm here, if I could weigh in again on the color scheme ... my eyes are starting to show their age, too. But that doesn't mean that "light background-dark text" is the only way to go. In fact, as one person's said, too-white backgrounds can be "glaring"; that's certainly my response to an all-white, non-textured page. Readability is more a matter of sufficient contrast, and good design (e.g., if you want a pure-white background for your text, consider putting it in a table, with a dark colored background framing it, to reduce the glare). And since individuals' PCs are, well, pretty individualized themselves, there's no way you'll be able to make everybody happy. But you seem to be doing pretty well ... and you have good taste, so I'm confident you'll find a good design.

It's music to my ears:


You are divine, Sunni. :)

And thanks again to all who participated in this little experiment. Comments open on the new post. Don't know if I need to open comments on "Songs of the Day," though; I can hear it now: "You chose that song! You whim-worshiping fool!" :)