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New Free Radical Centenary Issue

Lindsay Perigo announced the publication of the new issue of The Free Radical, which centers on the Ayn Rand Centenary. Having assisted in the copyediting and proofing of the issue, in my capacity as Assistant Editor, I can say it's a good issue. I have a promotional piece on the two Centenary issues put out by The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (a PDF is available here); in fact, I'm just finishing up the final page proofs of the Spring 2005 issue of JARS, which is the second of the two Centenary symposia this academic year. Its theme is "Ayn Rand Among the Austrians." (Steven Horwitz mentions his own contribution to that symposium in his L&P post here.)

The new Free Radical also includes my tribute to composer Miklos Rozsa, which will be published online in due course.

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