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Mario Lanza: An American Tragedy

In addition to my pick for song of the day, and its accompanying essay, SOLO HQ has published today an essay of mine that appears in the current issue of The Free Radical. That essay, "Like a Man Possessed," is a review of an extraordinary book by Armando Cesari: Mario Lanza: An American Tragedy. (A PDF version is available here.) It dramatizes the effects on one man's life of the lethal dichotomy between "serious" art and "popular" entertainment. Take a look at the follow-up comments as well. (My essay is also noted at L&P here, with regard to the effects of government actions on Lanza's life.)

This material is all published on the 45th anniversary of Lanza's death, which is marked by James Kilbourne at SOLO HQ, and in follow-up discussion here. See also this item on the Mario Lanza mural in Philadelphia.

Update #1 (October 7th): A couple of more thoughts on my broad musical tastes here, here, here, and here.

Update #2 (October 8th): A few more follow-ups... see Peter Cresswell's essay and discussions here, here, here, here and here