Margaret Sanger, "Women Awakening," Sep-Oct 1914.

Published article. Source: The Woman Rebel, Vol. 1, No. 7, Sept.-Oct. 1914, 56 , Margaret Sanger Microfilm C16:570 .


Letters from working women which may be found in another column are typical of the awakening spirit for conscious procreation. This spirit and this demand for adequate information is forced upon the nurse and the doctor every day of their lives.

It is time that intelligent women should refuse to allow themselves to be mastered by Ignorance, whether it assumes the guise of the Priest, the Teacher or the Judge!

It is the experience of physicians and nurses in the thickly congested quarters, also of those with clinical experience where only the poorer women of the cities come for medical advice that almost all these women desire the knowledge which will prevent conception.

Current among the smug and comfortable women of the upper class, is an idea that the workers have large families because they are so "lacking in self restraint", that they "breed like animals."

These same people become Moralists at the suggestion that the same "breeders" have information which would keep them from having so many children.

One physician with ten years clinical work says: "whenever a woman is the least bit above the lower level, she desires to cease having children. No request is made of me oftener in the clinic than for advice along these lines."

It would be interesting to know what advice they receive. Seldom can it be obtained at the clinic, seldom will a doctor give it, unless it is given where he is already established as a family physician.

Where then is the woman of the people to get this information, so important to her health, and happiness, which she so greatly desires?

We know that all the sex instruction she has been allowed to receive, has been tainted with the slime of the gutters. Is it not time to demand clean, scientific information from its right source?

The Church, State and big business will continue to keep the slaves in ignorance, and continue in its hypocritical attitude with milk stations, baby benefits, etc. until the women demand the proper and intelligent means of Birth Control.

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