Margaret Sanger, "An Important Book," Jul 1914.

Published article. Source: The Woman Rebel, Vol. 1, No. 5, July 1914, p. 35 , Margaret Sanger Microfilm C16:549 .


The latest champion of the idea of birth-control is Signor Robert Michel, whose "Sexual Ethics" is a recent contribution to the Contemporary Science Series (Walter Scott, London.) With a knowledge of the latest scientific research in Germany, Italy and France, Michel indulges in no cheap glorification of unrestricted motherhood that is so common to-day. On the contrary, he claims: "the type of woman continually engaged in childbearing is a primitive one, out of harmony with the needs and ideas of modern life"; and that "education and convention ... have effected a development of the wife's concentration on her child, physiologically grounded, as that concentration is, to a degree beyond what is neither necessary nor normal." He writes incisively on the offense against both love and modesty in the average middle-class engagement and honeymoon.

We look forward to the immediate publication of this book in America.

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