Margaret Sanger, ""The Menace's" Advice," May 1914.

Published article. Source: The Woman Rebel, Vol. 1, No. 3, May 1914, 23 , Margaret Sanger Microfilm C16:0537 .


The Western Watchman (Catholic) says, according to The Menace: "We say, a young girl's business is to get a husband. Having got a husband, it is her business to beget children. Under ordinary conditions of health a young wife ought to have a child in her arms or on her bosom all the time. When she is not nursing a child she should be carrying one. This will give her plenty to do, and she will have no time for political meetings or movements."

How do the women like that program for a life vocation? According to this authority a woman is to look upon herself merely as a vehicle for the breeding of children. Her mind is of no consequence, her body is the main thing. The feminine business is to get a husband, and then to get children as fast as time will permit. This editor would not even give her the protection that is bestowed upon cattle; "when she is not nursing a child she should be carrying one." The home of such a couple instead of being a place of comfort and refinement, with food for the mind and the amenities of social life is to be a rabbit warren, a sty filled with anemic, undeveloped children whose mother is compelled to work over the washtub or in some sweatshop up to the time of her delivery, and then drag herself back to the slavery of toil as soon as she is able to crawl, with the assurance that she has already started on the road for a repetition of the dutiful event, and so continue until she drops into the grave the victim of man's distorted and perverted sense of duty. Out upon such a theory! The man is a degenerate who makes such a specious argument. For the protection of the female sex, let her be taught how to defend herself against such teachings as these.

Interest in "political meetings and movements" may induce women to think independently of the Catholic teachings--and in thus thinking she will know that the Catholic Church is one of the greatest enemies against the achievement of her economic, intellectual and sexual independence.

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