Margaret Sanger, "The Ban," May 1914.

Published article. Source: The Woman Rebel, Vol. 1, No. 3, May 1914, 24 , Margaret Sanger Microfilm C16:0538 .


The Woman Rebel is not going to be suppressed by the Post Office until it has accomplished the work which it has undertaken.

Unthinkingly many comrades have fallen into Postmaster Morgan's trap, laid for the downfall of the Woman Rebel, and have refused to subscribe, thinking the paper will be suppressed again and they will not receive their copy.

It is true, friends--this may happen many times. As no one has yet ever decided what "obscenity" is, one is always liable to prosecution under this clause. I make no promise of being good nor framing my language so scientifically technical that only those with medical training can understand it. But I do promise I shall live up to the aim as expressed in the first issue. The subscriber who is willing to back up this fight and take a chance shall get the paper--SOMEWAY.

Those who will not subscribe because of the above-mentioned reason, to all purposes unknowingly and unintentionally have lined up with the Post Office officials who are trying to suppress the paper, for it is only by financial and moral support that the Woman Rebel can exist.

The Post Office cannot suppress this paper. Only you can do this!

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