Margaret Sanger, "Naturalization for Women," 24 Nov. 1911.

Published article. Source: New York Call, Nov. 24, 1911 , Margaret Sanger Microfilm:Collected Documents C19:0006 .

Naturalization for Women.

A naturalization class will be held the second and fourth Thursday of each month, beginning in December, at 1461 Third Avenue, in the Yorkville Forum. Branch 6 has been kind enough to give these two evenings of each month to the women and men who wish to become naturalized.

This is your opportunity, women Comrades. It is free to you and everyone is welcome. Begin at once to become a citizen, so when you have the suffrage you can use it and not have to wait from three to five years to become naturalized.

MARGARET H. SANGER. Women's Organizer.

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