Margaret Sanger, "Reply by Margaret Sanger to Archbishop Hayes' Statement," [20 Jan 1921] .

Typed Statement. Source: Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College. , MSM S76:1165 .

Reply by Margaret Sanger to Archbishop Hayes' Statement

I am glad to learn from Archbishop Hayes' Christmas pastoral that the church has a clear understanding of Birth Control separating it definitely from taking life after conception has occurred.

Many people have been of the opinion that the church confused the two ideas and denied vigorously that the church opposed prevention of conception as distinct from interfering with life after conception has occurred. From Archbishop Hayes' statement we at last realize that there is a perfect understanding by the church of what the Birth Control Movement stands for. For this I am grateful.

I do not care to answer the Archbishop's theological statement concerning the will of the Almighty. His arguments are purely those based on assumption and he knows no more about the facts of the immortality of the soul than the rest of us human beings. What he believes concerning the soul after life, is based upon theory and he has a perfect right to that belief; but we, who are trying to better humanity fundamentally, believe that a healthy, happy human race is more in keeping with the laws of God than disease, misery and poverty perpetuating itself generation after generation.

There is no objection to the Catholic Church inculcating the theories and doctrines in its own church and to its own people; but when they attempt to make these ideas legislative acts and force their opinions and code of morals upon the Protestant members of this country, then we do consider this an interference with the principles of this Democracy and we have a right to protest.

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