Margaret Sanger, " [Population and Immigration] ," [1938] .

Autograph Draft Article. Source: Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College , MSM S73:0140 .

In a democratic society where the vote of one is a good as that of another, it is a dangerous procedure to accept a way of life where the poor, ignorant, diseased and mentally and socially unfit maintain the stock of the population. Poverty and ignorance seem to be the factors to stimulate a high birth rate. We must abolish these factors as part of Sound National Population Planning. Increase pop for 1936 8,634,000.

77% of the American people approve of B.C. as a part of our public health program.

Gallup Poll

Before we attempt to increase our own population and raise the birth rate, lets begin at the bottom and definitely cut down the birth rate of the feebleminded and mentally deficient -- cut down the increasing institutional population. This should be mandatory and those in charge made to answer for this. It has been secretly states at the American Public Welfare Assn. by Wm Haber Prof. of Economics at University of Michigan that 10% of the population 13,500,000 will continue on relief at a cost of $2,500,000,000 yearly to federal, state and local welfare bodies (tax payers). 22,000,000 persons on relief in 1937. level it down to 14,000,000.


It is not colonies, or disarmaments or new territory that is going to establish Peace in Europe. Just handing over colonies to any nation with a high birth rate simply postpones the crisis a generation & with every nation in Europe ↑spawning↓ competition already unable to provide an outlet for their surplus population.

The great pressure of surplus population is in central Europe. Within 100 years 1800 to 1914 population of Europe increased from 180,000,000 to 480,000,000. At that period over 60,000,000 Europeans migrated to other continents about half came to the U States.

Since 1824 to 1930 immigration had practically closed in U.S.A. & South America & British Dominions. It was this decade that saw the explosion of Italy into Ethiopia & Germany into Central Europe. With persecution and expropriation as National policies-- The end is not is sight.

Mass emigration of Jews out of Germany or Central Europe is not the solution. It will need a new Continent with pioneer conditions & natural resources to relieve the needs of Central Europe. To squeeze into a settled community this surplus will only react against the both native and alien groups--

Is there such a continent? If so who will it up and does it mean Peace? If so how long? If the spawning competition of Central Europe will continues it is only another tomorrow before another continent will be needed & demanded for the surplus population of that decade.

It must be apparent to all Statesmen that the time has come to face the facts of population. It’s no use asking one nation to slow down their birth rates or armaments while other nations speed up their own-- It’s got to be all equal distribution of birth rights to inherit the Earth --

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