Margaret Sanger, " [England's Birth Control Movement] ," n.d..

Autograph Draft Article. Source: Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection , Margaret Sanger Microfilm S73L0074 .

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England--the home of the B.C. movement has during the past ten years shown tremendous advance.

From the time of the Besant & Bradlaugh in 1878 the theories of Malthus were advocated by a small intelligent fearless group of idealists who labored through the years to educate -- not the masses -- but the educators. This process has certainly been successful as is seen by the differential birth rate of not only England but of nearly all English speaking France Western Europe as well.

The work now is to spread ↑direct↓ the information to that class of the population called 3-C class for health as well as Economic needs reasons.

While there are 22 clinics operating in England under private auspices, this is not sufficient to cover the huge population & especially to reach these mothers whose physical condition or that of their childrens show the necessity of controlling the size of the family. There are in England hundreds of centers known as Maternity & Infant Welfare which are partly or wholly supported by grants from the government. The Movement is now directed toward getting governmental approval of alluring the Doctors in charge of these centers to advise & instruct the mothers who ask for such instruction. This is the only way the quality of the population can be raised by directing the knowledge of B.C. to those whose physical & Economic conditions demand it would be benefitted by it.

The House of Lords voted ↑through↓ Lord Buckmaster passed a resolution, in favor of this act. This lead a most profound influx on British public opinion . The Commons turned it down, but it will be brought up again at an early date.

The birth rate of England is the lowest in Europe, its death rate is also correspondingly low. 16 . . France 18.

With Australia & Canada refusing her slum populations, but desiring her better quality citizens--England has set her face to improve her quality--I believe she will be the first government in the world to sanction openly & fearlessly the practice of birth control. Instead of looking to the future--she mourns on the past. France--who sees that within the last 50 years. Germany has increased her population 28 million. Italy 16 millions while she has 2 millions.--70,000 Poles 1926 to France.

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