Margaret Sanger, " [Women and the Catholic Church] ," n.d..

Autograph draft article. Source: Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collectionm , Margaret Sanger Microfilm S73:0268 .

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The whole future of woman is thus placed into under the power of the Roman Church without leaving to her the least choice in the matter whatsoever.

It takes with it the whole life of woman--an eternity of circumstances--It asks ↑requires↓ obedience of its own adherents but servitude of the rest of us. The condition of woman becomes a vassal.

The R. Church issues commands to its adherents who, tho citizens of this country obey these commands against our constitutional rights.

It is annihilating our liberties and establishing its rules & dominion in its place.

Our honor, our interest, Everything we have calls loudly to us to take our stand & maintain it.

If we review the part this Church has acted toward women, we shall find Everything which ought to make its adherents ashamed--vulgar abuse, bullying, aggressive dominance, tyrannical insults.

Women have through the centuries suffered with patience & seldom in despair.

Their history is not marked by great battles or events and takes ↑occupies↓ but a brief chapter not only the fate of woman but in America but America itself stands trembling on the point of coercion.

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