The Margaret Sanger Papers Project's primary goal is to publish material about Margaret Sanger in microfilm, book, and electronic forms. Our a microfilm edition is available in many libraries in the United States and abroad, as are the four volumes of our book edition. Our electronic editions, The Speeches and Articles of Margaret Sanger, and an older edition covering Margaret Sanger and the The Woman Rebel are available online.

For most short research papers, your first step should be to consult secondary sources, such as the major Sanger biographies and histories of the Birth Control movement as well as pertinent writings by Margaret Sanger. Then you may want to consult our microfilm or electronic publications, or look for more detail on our website, especially our biographical sketch and newsletter articles.

The Sanger Papers Project is not an archive and we do not own any of the collections of Sanger's original papers. We do not have the facilities or staff to copy documents or undertake extensive research. We do try to respond to all queries, but if you require detailed or time-consuming research and cannot get access to our microfilm edition, we will be happy to direct you towards researchers who might be willing to undertake the work.

When contacting the Project, we ask that you to provide your full name (not just an e-mail address) and your mailing address (which helps us to locate the nearest library that holds our microfilm edition), as well as a complete description of your project.

You may contact us by e-mail at