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Curriculum Vitae - Bertell Ollman < DIALECTICAL MARXISM: The Writings of Bertell Ollman
Curriculum Vitae - Bertell Ollman

February, 2008

  • AGE - 72
  • PLACE OF BIRTH - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • NATIONALITY - American
  • FAMILY STATUS - Married to Paule Ollman with one son, Raoul

  • Univ. of Wisconsin - B.A. (Pol. Sci.-1956), M.A. (Pol. Sci.-1957)
  • Oxford Univ. - A.B. (Pol., Phil., and Econ.-1959), M.A. (Pol. Theory-1963), and D.Phil. (Pol. Theory-1967)

  • Univ. of Wisconsin - Phi Beta Kappa and Detling Fellowship (1956-'57)
  • Univ. of Chicago - William Volker Fellowship (1959-'60)
  • Oxford Univ. - Ford Fellowship and St. Antony's College Scholarship - (1960-'63)
  • Columbia Univ. - Senior Research Fellowship (1971-'72)
  • Univ. of Delhi - Indian Social Science Fellowship (1987)
  • Japan - Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship (1994)
  • Australian National Univ. - Visiting Research Scholar (1987 and 1995)
  • New Political Science section of the American Political Science Assoc. - Charles McCoy Life Achievement Award for Scholarship (lst winner) (2001)

  • Political Theory, particularly Marxism and other schools of socialist thought
  • Comparative Government, with special reference to the U.S. and Russia

  • Univ. of Maryland Overseas Program, part-time (1958, 1963)
  • Oxford Univ., part-time (1962-'63)
  • Univ. of the West Indies, Jamaica (1963-'66)
  • New York Univ. (1967-present)
  • Columbia Univ., part-time (1972)
  • Union College, part-time (1974)
  • Oxford University, Visiting Professor for a course on Marxism (Spring, 2000)

  • National Vice President of the Student League for Industrial Democracy (which soon afterwards changed its name to Students for a Democratic Society, S.D.S.) and editor of its journal (1956-'57)
  • Education Director for the Council on Student Travel on several trans-Atlantic sailings (1959-'63)
  • Director of Research for the People's National Party (P.N.P.) of Jamaica (1964-'66)
  • Trainee in psychoanalysis at the Metropolitan Academy for Psychoanalytic Training (1969-'71)
  • Invited speaker on different aspects of socialist theory, on over 250 occasions, in twelve countries since 1971
  • Talk Show host for "Visits with Marxist Thinkers" on WBAI radio in New York City (1977-'84)
  • Director of Center for Marxist Studies at N.Y.U. (1971-'82)
  • Candidate for the presidency of the American Political Science Association (1978) (I received 28% of the vote)
  • Co-organizer of the APSA program for the Caucus for a New Political Science featuring 12 debates between leading radical and mainstream political scientists (1983)
  • President of Class Struggle Inc., producer and distributor of the Class Struggle board game, (1978-'85)
  • Chairman elect of the Department of Government at the Univ. of Maryland (1978)
  • Principal in major academic freedom law suit against the University of Maryland (1978-'81)
  • Principal in major libel suit against the journalists Evans and Novack (1978-'83)
  • Co-organizer of the first Radical Humor Festival (NYC-1984)
  • Convenor of city-wide Faculty Colloquium on Marxist theory at NYU (1997- )
  • Member of the Board of Editors of Kapitalistate (1973-'76)
  • Member of the Board of Editors of New Political Science (1979- )
  • Member of the Board of Editors of Socialism and Democracy (1989- )
  • Member of the Board of Editors of Critical Accounting (1989-)
  • Member of the Board of editors of MEGA Studien (Amsterdam) (1997-)
  • Member of the Board of Editors of Science and Society (1997-)
  • Reader of book manuscripts for various publishers, including Routledge, Princeton Univ. Press, Illinois Univ. Press, Monthly Review Press, Univ. of Minnesota Press, and Humanities Press
  • President of non-profit foundation, the INTERNATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY (I.E.D.) (2005- ) and editor of its "Critical Democracy Web Library"


  1. Alienation: Marx's Conception of Man in Capitalist Society (Cambridge U.P., 1971; 2nd ed., 1976). This book has gone through thirteen printings, sold close to 30,000 copies, and been translated into Spanish, Italian, and Korean
  2. Studies in Socialist Pedagogy, co-ed (Monthly Review Press, 1978)
  3. Social and Sexual Revolution: Essays on Marx and Reich (South End Press, 1978)
  4. Class Struggle Is the Name of the Game: True Confessions of a Marxist Businessman (Wm. Morrow Pub., 1983); 2nd expanded ed. entitled Ball Buster? True Confessions of a Marxist Businessman (Soft Skull Press, 2003)
  5. The Left Academy: Marxist Scholarship on American Campuses, co-ed., vol.I (McGraw Hill, 1982)
  6. The Left Academy..., co-ed., vol.II (Praeger Pub., 1984)
  7. The Left Academy..., co-ed., vol.III (Praeger Pub., 1986)
  8. The U.S. Constitution: 200 Years of Anti-Federalist, Abolitionist, Feminist, Muckraker, Progressive, and Especially Socialist Criticism, co-ed. (N.Y.U. Press, 1990)
  9. Marxism: an Uncommon Introduction (Stirling Pub., New Delhi, 1991)
  10. Dialectical Investigations (Routledge, 1993) A French translation is forthcoming
  11. Market Socialism: the Debate Among Socialists, ed. and co-author (Routledge, 1998). A Chinese translation appeared in 2000.
  12. Dialectics: the New Frontier, co-ed. (Special Issue of Science and Society, Fall, 1998)
  13. How to Take an Exam...and Remake the World (Black Rose Books, Montreal, Spring, 2001)
  14. Dance of the Dialectic: Steps in Marx's Method (Univ. of Illinois Press, 2003). A French translation appeared in 2006, and Chinese and Turkish translations in 2007.
  15. Dialectique Aujourd'hui, co-ed. (Editions Syllepse, 2007). This is a new book and not a French translation of one of my English books.
  16. Dialectics, co-ed. (Palgrave, 2008). This is a much expanded version of number 12 above.

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  5. Review of Joseph O'Malley's Karl Marx's Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, American Political Science Review (Spring, 1970)
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  71. Basic Documents for the website of the INTERNATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY (I.E.D.): I. "Urgent Appeal to the People of the World", II. "Statement of Purpose", and III. "Press Release" - www.iefd.org (Dec., 2005).
  72. Editor of an over 200 piece 'Critical Democracy Library' on web (2005-'08)
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  1. Book on Marx's theory of appropriation.
  2. Book on communism as a post-capitalist civilization.
  3. Book on a Marxism for the new century (my recent Oxford lectures).
  4. Edited book of Marx's selected writings for the Modern Library series of Random House (under contract).
  5. Edited book on the main forms of capitalist ideology found in American universities.
  6. Co-edited book on "What Is Political Science and What Should It be?".
  7. Co-edited book of critical articles on American democracy.
  8. Co-edited book of articles illustrating the use of Marx's method in the social sciences.
  9. Article on Marxist Ecology.
  10. Article on analytical philosophy.
  11. Article on American patriotism.
  12. Article on globalization as ideology.
  13. Article on the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  14. Article on the dialectics of humor and revolution.

  1. Book on the Marxist theory of the state with a focus on the democratic state in capitalist society.
  2. Book on the Marxist theory of class consciousness.
  3. Book of my articles on politics, the state and political science.
  4. A revised third edition of my book, ALIENATION.
  5. Edited book on Marxist approaches to the study of the American government.
  6. Expanded second edition of my edited book, STUDIES IN SOCIALIST PEDAGOGY.