Principal Investigator

Morwaread M. Farbood, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Music Technology
Dept. of Music and Performing Arts Professions

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A.B. Harvard College


Post-Doctoral Associates

Claire Pelofi

Research interests: Music cognition; cognition of scale structures; EEG.

Background: Ph.D. Auditory Neuroscience, Master's in Cognitive Science, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris. Master's in Philosophy, La Sorbonne.

Doctoral Students

Finn Upham

Research interests: Temporal experience of music, continuous response data analysis, embodied cognition.

Background: M.A. Music Technology, B.S. Mathematics, B.M. Music Theory, McGill University, Montreal.

Dirk Vander Wilt

Research interests: Audio description, technology for accessibility in live theatrical performances, music software application development.

Background: M.A. Music Composition, New York University. B.F.A. Film and Television Production, Tisch School of Arts, New York University.

Research Assistants

Natalie Wu

Research interests: Music perception and its application in game audio.

Background: B.S. Psychology, National Taiwan University.

Ned Dana

Research interests: Music cognition, music perception, studying emotional data for hit song prediction.

Background: B.A., Psychology, Yale College.


Oriol Nieto

Research interests: Music information retrieval, unsupervised musical pattern recognition, machine learning and human-computer interaction for music applications.

Background: M.A. Music, Science, and Technology (CCRMA), Stanford. M.S. Information, Communication and Audiovisual Media Technologies, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. B.S. Computer Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona.

Kwan Kim

Research interests: Content-based music information retrieval, mood-classification of music and mood as a new medium of human-computer interaction.

Background: B.S. Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins. M.S. Culture Technology at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

Khen (Chen) Price

Research interests: Sound synthesis, signal processing, music cognition and perception, and how these apply to contemporary audio production.
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Background: B.A. Cognitive Science, Bar Ilan University, Israel. B.M. (Rubin) Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Charles Mueller

Research interests: Audio engineering and recording; auditory effects of microphone preamplifiers with transformers.

Background: B.A. Music, Northwestern (guitar performance and music technology).


David Poeppel
Panos Mavromatis
Gary Marcus
David Heeger
Oded Ghitza
Uri Hasson
Jess Rowland
Michael Grubb
Yulia Lerner