Desplan Lab
New York University. 100 Washington Square East.
1009 Silver Center. New York, NY. 10003.

Ph.D. Candidate

Nathalie Neriec

(212) 992-9526


  • 2007. Paris VII, Denis Diderot University. M.S.


  • The central region of the optic lobe called the 'lobula plug', which is independent from the medulla neuroepithelium exhibits yet another type of neurogenesis. We are investigating how these cells are generated from a special class of migrating NBs. As for the medulla, the NBs undergo a (shorter) temporal progression by expressing specific TFs but then exhibit different modes of division (from type I to type II transit amplifying NBs). As they age, these NBs generate two distinct neuronal populations, one superficial that gives rise to the medulla rim, and a central population that gives rise to the lobula plate. We are analyzing how these differences lead to the generation of neurons with higher stoichiometry (more than one neuron per R7/R8 column).