Desplan Lab
New York University. 100 Washington Square East.
1009 Silver Center. New York, NY. 10003.

Ph.D. Candidate

Ivy Hsiao

(212) 992-9526


  • 2001. Tunghai University. B.S.


  • Although the genetic programs controlling rhodopsin expression are well characterized, several critical regulatory steps remain unclear. To address the mechanisms underlying the distinction between inner and outer photoreceptors, we performed an RNAi screen knocking down all known transcription factors (~950) checking for the expression of outer photoreceptor-specific Rh1. We identified three genes in which Rh1 is expressed in inner photoreceptors without affecting inner Rh expression. This suggests that these candidates function in repression of Rh1 in inner PRs rather than in the determination of inner/outer fate. We are pursuing the mechanism of this regulation that appears to involve elements present in the coding regions of Rh1.