Current NYU Students

If you're working on a PhD and are interested in collaborating or seeking an advisor, contact me. If you're working on an undergraduate or master's degree, you are also welcome to get in touch, but I'm only likely to agree to a research collaboration if you've already taken some coursework in computational linguistics or NLP and done very well. If that's you, send me an email with a CV and transcript, and we can set up a meeting.

I'm generally only able to offer funded RA positions to PhD students. When funding for other students becomes available I'll generally offer it to students I've already worked with.

Prospective NYU Graduate Students

I can advise graduate students in the Department of Linguistics (PhD), the Center for Data Science (MS, PhD), and the Department of Computer Science at Courant (MS, PhD). I will review applications for students entering in 2018, but the lab has grown quickly in the last year, so I will not likely admit any new advisees except in case of an exceptionally close and clear fit. If you're interested, you're welcome to contact me, though I won't promise to reply to every inquiry.

At the PhD level, the Linguistics program offers students a full five-year fellowship, while funding for CS and Data Science students, though guaranteed, often comes through grants for research on specific areas, which flow through advisors. This leads to somewhat different expectations for admission. Linguistics will admit students without a close fit to an advisor, but it's important that the applicant already be quite independent and have a good fit to the department overall. In CS and Data Science, fit to the department is less important, but it's crucial for applicants to name specific potential advisors and to demonstrate (i.e., through reference letters and published/publishable written work) that they're ready to work on problems that those advisors are likely to be interested in (and able to write grants for). Admission rates for all three programs are roughly similar (i.e., low), so you should apply to whichever best fits your record and your interests, with the slight caveat that I am less involved in admissions decisions in CS. For students broadly interested in the cognitive sciences, this page offers some useful information about the available programs at NYU.

Prospective Postdocs and Visitors

I don't currently have funding for new postdocs (this may change soon—I'll post an update here if so). If you're looking for a position at NYU and have a specific research direction in mind, let me know and I may be able to help you apply for outside funding or University funding.

I cannot currently offer full funding for internships or other visiting positions, though I am generally able to host visitors who have already secured outside funding when there is a clear fit. I can host undergraduate visitors, but only if they have research records and references comparable to those of early-year PhD students at strong US departments. I do not expect to be at NYU during summer 2018, and cannot host visitors during that term.