Wondering what courses to take at NYU Prague next semester? We've highlighted a few exciting courses below that former students highly recommend to anyone interested in the history and cultural politics of Central and Eastern Europe as well as NEW course offerings! Examine how the brain learns and how it creates new behaviors  in Brain and Behavior or about contemporary Czech history and culture through the lens of some of the most influential works of Czech literature in Contemporary Central and East European Literature. Deepen your understanding of current events and the formation of the European state in History of Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe or explore the often forgotten history of the Roma in Central East Europe through ethnographic and sociological case studies. 

Life Science: Brain and Behavior

professor lecturing Kafka class

Contemporary Central and East European Literature: From Kafka to Kundera

In this course, students will have the opportunity to study European history and culture through celebrated works of Czech literature right from the center of Europe. 

students with professor in Prague

History of Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe

Students with an interest in national identity and the formation of the modern European nation state will have the ability to explore Central and Eastern European national identities and their formation from the center of a young  country whose national identity is ever-developing. 

headshot of professor Polisenska

Professor Abu Ghosh at Roma Holocaust memorial

Roma in Central Eastern Europe: Ethnographic and Historical Overview of a People Without a state

The rich culture and traditions of the Romany (Gypsy) people are often reduced to the singular image of a people without a state. This course aims to explore the complex culture and politics that birthed the emergence of Romany organizations and forged Roma identity as more than simply a 'stateless nation'.