If you are planning to Go Local, please refer to the courses found on the Go Local webpage. The page below includes currently planned courses for Fall 2020 study away; final course offerings at each location will be determined by mid-July.  

Courses by Department

Abu Dhabi and Shanghai course equivalencies

Language Courses


Roma in Central East Europe satisfies the Cultures and Contexts CORE course requirement for NYU Stern and Steinhardt students.

Art and Art Professions

Art History

Business (Stern)

College Core Curriculum

Comparative Literature

European & Mediterranean Studies 

Experiential Learning for Credit

Film and Television

For additional opportunities see: 35mm Visual Storytelling at FAMU - Prague

Gallatin School of Individualized Study



Media, Culture, and Communication

Music and Performing Arts

Required course for all Steinhardt Music Majors

Courses open to All Students that meet listed pre-requisites

Course open to All Music Majors & other students with permission.

Non-Steinhardt music majors should email karolina.jirelova@nyu.edu to request permission to enroll.  


Ensembles open to Music majors and other students by placement audition. Non-Steinhardt music majors should email karolina.jirelova@nyu.edu to request permission to enroll.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are reserved for Steinhardt performance majors.


See Art and Art Professions above.


Religious Studies

Russian and Slavic Studies

Russia and East-Central Europe satisfies the Cultures and Contexts CORE course requirement for NYU Stern and Steinhardt students.


Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs

35mm Visual Storytelling at FAMU - Prague

The Courses below are open only to students admitted to the Tisch 35mm Visual Storytelling at FAMU-Prague program. For more information regarding this program please visit the program webpage: Tisch School of the Arts 35mm Visual Storytelling at FAMU-Prague.

Students on this program are registered for a full 18 points from the curriculum below, which reflects a combination of Tisch courses and NYU Prague courses.

Online/Remote-Taught Courses available to Study Away Students

Students may compliment their local course load by enrolling in an online or remote-taught course. Some of NYU's online courses can be found using the Instruction Mode filter in the Albert Course Search. Please keep in mind that you must be enrolled in at least 12 credits of courses at your study away site (remote-taught/online courses do not count towards the 12 credit minimum requirement). Note, online/remote taught courses are not scheduled on the same session as the courses offered by the study away site, add/drop dates and other academic deadlines will vary. Please refer to Albert course notes for more details. Online/remote taught course commitments should not interfere with student attendance in local classes and required program activities (including orientation).