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forum 2000

Forum 2000 Conference

Art and Architecture class

Art History class exploring cubist architecture

Academic Excursions: exploring the city...

If you are coming to NYU Prague, bring comfortable walking shoes.  Our professors take students on a lot of field trips, believing that you can often learn the most if you see it first-hand.  Some examples?  Our politics class has gone the Czech Parliament to meet MPs....our architecture class explores a different space on a weekly basis, from medieval castles to modernist office complexes... our international reporting students go just about anywhere there could be a good story. 

...and exploring beyond Prague  

For some classes, it's important to go outside the capital city: the music program to the Viennese opera, the Roma History students to Roma communities near Poland, the Advertising and Society class to the German border to learn about regional minority tensions. Our student life staff also organizes trips that are open to all students-  you can see our current NYU Prague Student Life Trips here.

Attending Conferences  

NYU Prague students have the opportunity to attend major global conferences, such as the annual Forum 2000, organized under the auspices of former president Václav Havel, bringing together world leaders, artists, dissidents.

NYU Prague recently co-founded the Women in Leadership Platform in cooperation with the Czech Diversity Chapter and Vodafone to to encourage cooperation in promoting effective leadership approaches to gender diversity and women in leadership.

Connecting to the Community  

Over a fourth of our students participate in our non-credit internship program, where they volunteer in schools, organize international film festivals, plan events for refugee families, and work in professional settings. Our students are regularly invited to English language discussions and programs in the city that are open to the Prague public, including the US Embassy's American Center, the Vaclav Havel Library, Charles University's Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education (CERGE), Forum 2000.