Total (per semester)
$30,889 - $36,113
Undergraduate Tuition & Fees* $26,655
$4,234 - $9,458
Total $4,932 - $5,632
Meals $2,100 - $2,600
Round-Trip Airfare $1,000 - $1,200
Monthly Metro (x4) $76/month
Miscellaneous $1,500

*The rates listed are for the 2019-2020 academic year. NYU students pay their individual school tuition, which may differ by college. Rates for the 2020-2021 academic year will be posted soon.

Disclaimer: The Board of Trustees of New York University reserves the right to alter the schedule of fees without notice.


Figure includes tuition for full-time student status covering 12-18 points, deposit and required registration fees, and several program activities and excursions. For each point taken in excess of 18 points in a semester, there is an additional charge per point.

Non-NYU Students

If your college or university has a partnership with NYU Global Academic Programs the cost of tuition may be less than the posted figures. Inquire with your study abroad office to find out if there is a partnership with NYU.


Once offered admission to the program, students are required to complete an on-line housing questionnaire indicating the type of lodging preferred. Many housing choices are offered. All NYU Paris are required to live in NYU housing, and there are a variety to select from. Your options are a single, double, or suite in a residence hall; a room with a French host family; a single studio apartment/studette; or a shared apartment with other NYU Paris program students. During the 40 years that NYU Paris has existed, a solid network of host families and landlords who receive students has been built.

Housing placements are throughout the various neighborhoods of Paris, and are typically within a 45-minute commute from the NYU Center, which is in the 5th arrondissement. The public transportation system in Paris is extremely reliable and easy to navigate. There are two Metro stops near the NYU Paris Academic Center.

With the exception of the two student residences, housing costs are separate from tuition and fees paid to New York University, and must be paid in local currency directly to Parisian landlords. A cancellation fee may be assessed if a student's written request to cancel the housing license be approved.


Some students choose the French host family housing option in which certain meals are provided. However, most students will prepare meals in their residences and/or dine in local restaurants. Very reasonably priced restaurants can be found outside of the main tourist areas.


Study abroad costs include visa application fees, local transportation, laundry, telephone, utilities, and some independent travel. With the exception of tuition, all costs are estimated and may vary depending on each student's budget.

In addition, student insurance (health and accident) is mandatory and will vary according to individual policies.

Excursions/Cultural Activities

Some excursions and cultural activities are included in tuition costs.


NYU’s Electronic billing system is the official means of generating tuition bills for all enrolled students. Within a few weeks of registering for classes, students (with the exception of visiting students whose home schools choose to bill them directly for their term at NYU) will receive a message at their official NYU e-mail address notifying them that a bill for tuition, fees, and housing is now available.

Please visit the NYU Bursar Web-site for details about the E-bill process.

Global Travel Assistance

Provided at no additional cost to the student, this service provides assistance through one of the world's largest providers of medical and security evacuation as well as general travel aid (e.g., lost document assistance). This company provides 24-hour global services with the help of our site staff to our students abroad.