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Writers in Paris

In this summer session, students choose to focus on either poetry or fiction, and attend daily writing workshops, craft seminars, and literary readings and events. Writing and reading assignments are designed to encourage immersion in the city. For example, poets might visit the Louvre to write ekphrastic poems or create Parisian street sonnets by taking a 14-block walk of the St. Denis area, where François Villon lived, and generating a line of poetry per block. Fiction writers might study dialogue by listening for overheard speech at a sidewalk café or learn about description and setting by writing a story set in the neighborhood where Hemingway lived and worked. Students in the program work intensively to generate new writing and also attend a lively series of readings, lectures, literary walking tours, and special events.

Sample Courses:

  • Fiction Workshop
  • Poetry Craft Seminar
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Art History in Paris

Paris is more than just a city – it’s a living, breathing museum on a monumental scale.  Paris  celebrates its history on every boulevard and in every arrondissement. From the 12th-century Notre Dame de Paris to the Musee d’Orsay to the street artists in Montmartre, the opportunity for artistic enrichment is inexhaustible.

The courses offered at NYU Paris are designed to take advantage of the diverse selection of museums and the many styles of architecture.  In one course, students focus on the great Gothic cathedrals; in another they study the history of photography in France, beginning in the early 19th century with the invention of the daguerreotype. Another course focuses on the 19th century French art world, drawing on the rich collections of neoclassical, romantic, realist, and impressionist art that can be found in the museums and galleries of Paris. Other courses focus on the cityscape itself. Famed for its commitment to urban planning, Paris is peppered with magnificent monuments, palaces, gardens, and sculptures-all designed to complement the layout of the city.

 Sample Courses:

  • Power & Representation: Art from the Ancien Régime to the Age of Revolution
  • Buildings, Landscapes and Cities: Paris
  • The French Art World in the 19th Century: From David to Impressionism
  • Intro to the Parisian Contemporary Art Scene

Media in Paris

Ethnic diversity and cultural change is at the heart of what Paris is today. An information capital, Paris has always been at the cutting edge of art, architecture, and ideas. It is an ideal place to study global media. At NYU in Paris, you take courses taught in English offered by Steinhardt’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication while advancing your French language skills. A curriculum focused on French culture along with a wealth of extracurricular activities allows you to engage with the city in ways not available to the casual tourist.

The Media program in Paris is part of Media, Culture, & Communication's Global Media Scholars program. Students in this program study Media at multiple NYU campuses while earning a Global Media Scholar certificate along with their diploma. Learn more by visiting the Global Media Scholars Program website.

Sample Courses:

  • Global Media Seminar: France and Europe
  • Power & Representation: Art from the Ancien Régime to the Age of Revolution