Studying at NYU Paris

Students at NYU Paris choose from an array of courses in the arts, humanities and social sciences designed to enhance their exploration of the city of Paris, one of great cosmopolitan capitals of the world. Beginning in 2018-2019, courses are also available in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Courses make ample use of the city's resources, exposing students to the rich and complex history that has rendered Paris a world-class city, as well as to contemporary trends in politics and the arts. All students may supplement their work at the NYU center with additional courses - including courses in English - at the University of Paris, allowing for rigorious academic study and a rewarding immersion experience. Students with advanced French language skills may also take a course at the prestigious Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, otherwise known as Sciences Po.

Courses at NYU Paris are offered in both English and French. All students take a French language course appropriate to their level, and students with advanced French skills are encouraged to take additional courses in French.

Studying at French Partner Universities and Sciences Po

Students interested in enriching their immersion experience in Paris should strongly consider taking a course, in either English or French, at one of the University of Paris/Sorbonne campuses with which NYU has a partnership agreement. These include the University of Paris I, III, VII, & X, and at the Institut d’Études Politiques, also known as Sciences Po.

Courses are offered in a variety of disciplines and allow students an unparalleled opportunity to gain first-hand experience of French university life and to meet French and other international students outside of NYU.

Courses are available in English or French.  Courses in French are only available to students who have taken or are currently enrolled in Written Contemporary French.

NYU Paris students who choose to study at the University of Paris or Sciences Po typically enroll in one course, or occasionally two.  Students receive regular NYU credit for these courses.  Any student interested in taking more than one course outside of NYU Paris must receive special permission.  Please contact for more information.

Students interested in taking a course at Sciences Po must apply. For instructions, go to the Courses webpage. Contact us at with any questions.

Partnerships & Affiliations

The following NYU departments are key contributors to the NYU Paris curriculum.