Note: This information applies to NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, KAIST students considering a semester in New York. Students from other colleges and universities who are interested in enrolling as a visiting student at NYU's campus in New York should consider programs hosted by NYU's Office of University Programs.

Getting Involved

NYU has over 400 clubs and organizations, 21 varsity sports21 club sports, a wide range of intramural teams, musical and choral performance groups, and many community service and leadership opportunities available to you outside of the classroom. During your time in NY, we encourage you to explore NYU’s extra-curricular offerings as a way to integrate with NYU New York’s student body, to take advantage of opportunities not available in Abu Dhabi or Shanghai, and provide a balance with your studies. Check out the Center for Student Life on the 7th floor of the Kimmel Center for University Life and the Department of Athletics to learn more.


ClubFest Club Fest is one of the best ways to become acquainted with NYU’s expansive offerings for getting involved. The Center for Student Life hosts the event which provides an opportu­nity for students to learn more about the diverse array of student clubs and organizations as well as fraternities and sororities.

All-University Clubs To explore different clubs and organizations you can join while you are in NYU, please search the directory of clubs on NYU Engage.

Music and Performance Groups There are several opportunities for musical activ­ity including participation in orchestras, choirs, and music groups. There are many musical groups through the Steinhardt Department of Music and Perform­ing Arts that are open to NYU Students.

Class Activities Boards Class Activities Boards (CAB) are a great way to get involved with campus life, meet other active students, plan and participate in interesting and fun events, and gain valuable leadership experience.

Interfaith And Spiritual Life NYU’s Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life (GCASL) is a multi-faith initiative designed to enhance the educational experience at NYU by supporting religious expression, leadership, integrity, mutual respect, and open dialogue. We seek to provide a safe environment for all students to grow, explore, and deepen their own beliefs and values. The Center includes spaces for religious observance, offices for NYU’s Chap­lains’ Circle, classes, music rehearsals, and conferences.

NYU Service

There are many opportunities to be involved with community service while studying in New York. Tutoring, visiting with senior citizens, painting public schools, building homes and teaching HIV/AIDS awareness are just a few of the hundreds of programs available for you to make a difference in your community. Visit the Center for Student Life to learn about upcoming opportunities.


Students studying in New York from the Abu Dhabi and Shanghai campuses are eligible to participate in varsity, club, and intramural sports. As matriculated students taking 3 or more credits toward a degree, you have full access to NYU Athletic Facilities.

Palladium Athletic Facility

The Palladium Athletic Facility is located on East 14th street near Union Square in the bottom floors of the Palladium residence hall. The facility is designed to feel like a private health club. It has a deep-water pool, a lounge area, a snack bar, and a pro shop that sells NYU athletic merchandise.

There is a 3,140-square-foot weight room complete with free weights, plate-loaded machines, and selectorized machines. On the lower level is a 3,433-square-foot aerobic fitness room dedicated to cardio equipment. The 30-foot-high climbing center spans the two floors between the exercise room and the weight room. Existing separately from the two rooms is a group cycling room perfect for classes or general use.

404 Fitness

Located on Lafayette Street between East 4th Street and Astor Place in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, the 404 Fitness Athletic Facility serves the University community with a wide range of cardio and strength equipment, as well as a limited offering of recreational programs.

The facility also includes a lounge area, locker rooms complete with free daily issue, rental lockers, a membership office, dance and spin room, yoga room, and stretch areas.

Brooklyn Athletic Facility

The Brooklyn Athletic Facility is located in the Jacobs Building and Rogers Hall at Six MetroTech Center on the School of Engineering campus. It was recently upgraded in 2014 and includes a regulation-sized basketball court, dance studio and fitness center. The fitness center features brand new cardio and free-weight equipment.

Violet Nation

Violet Nation launched in the fall of 2013 to serve as the official community that supports and enhances NYU Athletics.

Varsity Sports                                                                              

NYU Abu Dhabi and Shanghai students who complete eligibility certification (compliance paperwork, medical forms, academic standards) are eligible to try out for a varsity sport. NYU is an NCAA Division III school with 23 varsity teams.

Club Sports                                                                          

Club Sports are student-initiated, non-collegiate student organizations. Some club sports are recreational and/or instructional, while others are highly competitive. Club Sports foster enthusiasm and love for an activity over talent or skill level.  Regardless of the level of commitment required by the club sport, the desire to participate is always more important than athleticism.

Intramural Sports

The intramural sports program at NYU offers a wide range of athletic competition during the school year for interested students.